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Delivering the world's data to everyone

We work hard to give every professional, scientist or student access to external data so they can build a better future for all of us.

Our Story

Have you ever asked yourself what would be possible if we had access to every dataset that exists on the internet? We did!

At the TU Munich, our founders Kevin and Patrick, did research on technology to make it easier to combine data from internal sources. Using this technology people built amazing products in just a few hours with their own data. Seeing how powerful it is to have easy access to data, they wondered what else people would build if they had access to data outside of their organization.
Better city infrastructure with demographic and traffic data? Improved technologies to reduce carbon emissions with data on climate change? More saved lives with data on the spread of global diseases?

In 2019 Fusionbase was founded in order to give everyone access to the data that is spread all over the internet. Today Fusionbase made more than 100.000 datasets available and is used by large enterprises like BMW or fast-growing technology startups like Holidu.

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Fusionbase was founded by data experts

Kevin Goßling

Ceo & Co-founder

Experienced product manager and former assistant-researcher at TUM. Kevin leads Fusionbase's company vision and customer relations.

Patrick Holl

CTO & Co-Founder

Experienced data engineer and former TUM PhD candidate. Patrick leads Fusionbase's technical vision.

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